drupal web developers

<p>Drupal is a professional fully functional content management system that has the ability to be modified easily through the installation of contributed models, plugins or by customized development. While the standard install configuration is on linux, Apache and MySql. Drupal can also be installed on Windows servers running IIS and Microsoft SQL, Solaris, BSD or Mac OS if there&rsquo;s a requirement to do so. Drupal allows total control of user role definitions and permissions for access to different functions within your website. Drupal provides complete flexibility over defining how different content types (e.g. articles, blog posts, news stories) appear and the functionality associated with each content type, such as allowing or disallowing user comments. Drupal separates all content from the presentation layer, allowing you to fully customize the design and layout of your website using standards compliant HTML and CSS. A large number of high quality, pre-built themes are available that may help fast-track the design of your project instead of starting from scratch and investing in a fully customized website design. If your website needs to be optimized for mobile or other devices, Drupal can detect the browser being used and serve a specific display theme for that device. A Drupal website will be optimally tuned for search engines through the provision of natural language URLs, permanent links to content, customizable page metadata and an automatically generated XML sitemap. If you are looking for some good Drupal web developers, contact <a href="http://www.rouge-media.com/">www.rouge-media.com</a> for your website.</p>